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The principal is to be caused by credit, interest in exchanges, commission, tax, picture, mortar, fee etc. Our Municipality Revenues and Provincial Banks to be taken as collateral to the Provincial Bank of the Payments or private or public banks. And if our legal shares distributed by the Ministry of Finance is not connected to any interruption of any interruption from the legislation, the facility obtained by these second chance loans was obtained, which is obtained by this loan, which is obtained with credit guarantee from the subject of credit guarantee to cover up to 100% and to cover up to 100%. In case of provinces of the Material’s Provincial Bank A.Ş. or private or public banks, in the same conditions and demand history. or to the mortgage or hostage on behalf of their private or public banks, all kinds of agreement and paper to sign on our municipality to be used to the municipality or public banks, and to execute the ongoing transactions related to the credit and the credit. To make a mortgage and pledge and all kinds of jobs on the credit, our mayor has been adopted as a result of the voting that is authorized by Mr. Hüseyin Opercukçu and / or the presidential authority will be appropriate.

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